Flourished Word & Invite Design


for Weddings in Wisconsin, especially Milwaukee, Sheboygan,
Manitowoc, Plymouth, Sheboygan Falls, Oostburg, and Kohler

Calligraphy: Flourished Word Design

Calligraphy can add class to the details that make your wedding unforgettable - from envelope addressing to place cards, or personalize a toasting glass with an embellished name.
Have you found a quote that inspires you?
InviteBeautiful can turn it into beautiful wall art for your home.

Whether you're choosing InviteBeautiful to  personalize wedding favors, address invitation envelopes, or create a work of art, you can choose from three basic styles:

Playful, Italic or Gothic.

Calligraphy pricing

For calligraphy addressing:
I take one week to complete every 50 envelopes,
assuming a light-colored envelope and black ink.
Return addressing costs $1.60 per envelope
Guest addressing costs $2.75 per envelope
Inner envelopes cost $1.15 each

For place cards (just names) that you supply: $1.35 each;
Escort cards (name and table number) that you supply: $1.85 each

I can also create place/escort cards to suit your needs

For artfully drawn quotes, I charge $50 for layout and design plus 95 cents per word, number, or symbol. If not on paper, there will also be a materials fee.

Uh-oh! I just heard that you're not supposed to use address labels! What's that all about?

It's true. The people who value wedding etiquette will advise you that address labels look tacky and lack that personal touch that's part of the honor of receiving an invitation to come to your wedding. If your guests care about formality, an address label will probably offend them.

So what do you do if people you want to invite do care about this rule of etiquette, but you're afraid the quality of your handwriting will make your guests LESS likely to feel honored by this invitation?

You could hire InviteBeautiful's experienced calligrapher to solve that problem. If it's hard for you to justify that expense, another alternative is to try out my new invitation design which uses the RSVP postcard to incorporate your guests' addresses into the stylishness of your invitation. You can ask about this option on my contact page. Or, if budget is a huge concern and you think people are a little flexible with etiquette, you might get away with using clear labels if you choose a stylish font.